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Bitdroplet's is an online investment platform in cryptocurrencies via a Systematic Purchase Plan, which allows you to invest as little as ₹76 per day, it is similar to SIP in mutual funds. Bitdroplet works on the principle of dollar-cost averaging. A concept where you invest in small amounts at different intervals to lessen the impact of volatility in terms of price. Over a long period, regardless of the price fluctuations, you will gain profit. Gaurav Dahake (CEO, Bitbns), Prashant Singh (CTO, Bitbns) and Srikanth Sethumadhavan (UI and Front End, Bitbns) all together launched Bitdroplet.You can pause your SSP

You can pause or restart your SPP anytime. When your SPP is paused, no instalments would be deducted from your USDT balance.

Transferring fee from Bitbns to Bitdroplet


There are no transferring fees charged from Bitbns to Bitdroplet.


The minimum amount you can invest through Bitdroplet

The minimum amount one can invest via Bitdroplet is $1 USDT.

Bitdroplet apart from providing a platform for investing also provides amazing discounts and cashback offers on Bitcoins which you can find on Couponsdray.