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BeatO is a smart healthcare manufacturer and store. BeatO was launched in 2017, its healthcare devices include glucometers, blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, nebulizers, Bluetooth pulse, and heart rate monitors, and weighing scales. BeatO healthcare devices are certified smart technological devices and are of quality standards. BeatO is a convenient healthcare online platform that is making healthcare accessible and hassle-free. Avail cashback on online BeatO product purchases using Couponsdray.


About Beato

BeatO is an App that is designed to help you manage your diabetes through your smartphone and provide specially designed services and products for all your needs. BeatO app is connected to a glucometer, which can be plugged into the audio or charging port of a smartphone that takes a reading like a traditional meter, which appears on the app and conveniently organized in the apps

What does Beat offer?

Beato offers Glucometer to better manage diabetes, which helps to keep track of your Blood glucose levels at regular intervals. The information provided by glucometer about diabetes provides an insight into which habits in your everyday life are helping and which ones are proving to be harmful.

Detox Drink and Food Items

Beato provides a wide range of detox drinks like Karela Jamun Juice, Rootine: Turmeric Juice, Himalayan Brew Herbal Tea, etc these drinks have many benefits for people with diabetes and related problems. They are low in calories, high in dietary fiber, and acts as a natural blood purifier. Beato also provides a wide range of gluten-free products like Masala Oats, Masala Poha, healthy noodles, etc all these products are low in gluten and are a great meal option for diabetics as it promotes the slow release of sugar into the bloodstream and keeps you full for a longer time.

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