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Request Choco Volcano For Rs 89

Pizza Hut is putting forth the most reduced cost for choco well of lava dessert for just Rs 89 Rebate coupons are not required Checked on 13 May 2019

Pizza Hut Offer On Hot n Spicy Chicken Wings - Rs 169 Only

Pizza Hut offers the tasty Hot n Spicy Chicken Wings. Get 6 Pieces of Tender, Juicy Flavored Chicken Wings hurled in Spicy BBQ Sauce for Rs 169 as it were. Request now from closest outlet .

Veggie Overloaded Pizza: Order for Just Rs 239

Checked on 3 Jul 2019. Pizza Hut is Offering Big Pizza Veggie Overloaded for just Rs 239. You can arrange 1 Big Pizza Veggie Overloaded. Where you get more garnishes like Onion, Tomato, Sweet Corn, Jalapeno, Black Olive. Coupon codes are not fundamental to benefit this arrangement .

Triple Treat Box Meal For 4 - Just Rs 699

Confirmed on 3 Jul 2019. Pizza Hut offers super worth and family combo dinners for 4 @ up to 40% OFF; for Just Rs 699 Get the combo of any 2 Veg Medium Pizza + 1 Garlic Bread Stix + 1 Dip + 1 Potato Poppers + 1 Tandoori Paneer Non-Veg update can be for just Rs 50 for each Big Pizza .

Appreciate 20% Discount at Pizza Hut With ICICI Bank Debit and Credit Cards

Confirmed on 3 Jul 2019. Pizza Hut is Offering 20% Discount with ICICI Bank Debit and Credit Cards. Code isn`t required to use at checkout This is legitimate just on Delivery. Simply utilize your ICICI Bank Credit or Debit Card and get 20% markdown on all bills of Rs 200 and above .

Family Combo Meal - Starts at Rs 399

Pizza Hut Offers Family Meal which begins at Rs 399. Get any Big Pizza Over Loaded - Meal for 2 which has 1 Big Pizza + 1 GB Stix/Plain + 1 Pepsi Bottle for just Rs 399. Code isn`t required. Check for Meal for 4 and the Giant Dinner BOX which has Less Price Compared to other people .

Huge Pizza Meal For 2 - Rs 399 Only

Peruse through Pizza Hut overhauled menu and request huge pizza feast which is for 2 people at just Rs 399 This combo feast comprises of any Veg Big Pizza + 1 Portion of Garlic Bread Stix + 1 Pepsi (Paneer Upgrade Rs 20 Per Big Pizza. Non-Veg Upgrade Rs 50 Per Big Pizza) Snatch BIG PIZZA MEAL FOR 4: Any 2 Veg Big Pizzas + 2 Garlic Stix + 2 Pepsi (Paneer Upgrade Rs.20 Per Big Pizza. Non Veg Upgrade Rs.50 Per Big Pizza) for Rs 699 Only .

WOW Everyday Value: 2 Pizzas @ Just Rs 199 Each

Appreciate 2 Tastiest Medium Pan Pizzas From Double Cheese, Soya Masala, Veggie Feast, Spice Paneer and Chicken Sausage assortments for just Rs 199 just on every pizza variation from the select flavors Request your Favorite Pizza Now! An extraordinary touch or an Indian wind. Guilty pleasure of paneer, chicken, cheddar or plenitude of new cut veggies .

2 Pizzas Starting @ Rs 99 Each (All Days)

WOW Every Day Value Deal: Pizza Hut offers individual scope of 2 pizzas beginning from Rs 99 every which is substantial all days of seven days, eat in, conveyance and on takeaway arranges moreover Appreciate 2 Tastiest Personal Pan Pizzas From Margherita, Classic Corn and Classic Tomato .


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Offer Discount
Meal for 4 Up to 40% Off
Stuffed Crust Pizza Up to 20% Off
Buy 2 Pizza Flat 50% Off
Medium Pan Size Pizza Get flat 50% Off
Triple Treat Box Up to 50% Off

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Pizza Hut is one of the leading and prominent e-commerce arena and the best portal that offers best delivery of pizzas and other dishes. If you are unable to go to the local chain scrumptious pizzas, pasta and salads will come right to you in a jiffy. Pizza Hut is the widest and largest users of cheese in the world with approximately 300 million pounds used of cheese utilize every year. To know more about Pizza hut its website has a nutrition guide complete with the calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fat, and sodium that each product contain.

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